Filtering Options

Below are some of our alternative filtering suggestions that are currently compatible with our system:

For those who cannot or do not wish to use a filtered ISP, OpenDNS is a good alternative. OpenDNS, is free, constantly updated, effective, and does not conflict with WebChaver. It requires some minor computer know-how to set up properly. It is a very good option, since the filtering is done at the server level, and browsing may actually be faster than with your provider’s DNS.

(Note: If your computer uses a dynamic IP, then you must install the OpenDNS updater on your computer.)

Warning: The Open DNS filtering system is only effective when your computer/router is configured to point to their servers. This can be easily changed by anyone with a small amount of computer knowledge. Therefore, it is important to use Open DNS only in conjunction with other solutions.

ISP filtering is when the content is filtered by your internet provider before it ever reaches your home. This is a very secure way of ensuring that no inappropriate web content can be accessed from your internet connection. It cannot be circumvented by disabling any software, and it will not conflict with WebChaver.

Warning: This form of filtering is only protecting the content from your internet provider. It is quite common for several open wireless networks to be available in the vicinity of your laptop computer. If one connects to any of these open networks, the internet is no longer filtered. (WebChaver monitors all internet activity, regardless of the type of connection.)

The following are some examples of ISP filters:

Internet Rimon is an excellent filtered ISP available in Israel only. It allows you to select from several different levels of filtering. Their "Etrog" service is designed specifically for the Chareidi community, with a much stricter level of filtration.

Because Rimon is a very strong filter that attempts to filter all types of connections, some users have diffculty with updates to programs and other things. This can often be resolved by tech support. For users who run into these issues repeatedly, consider some of the other options that follow here.

012 Smile also offers an excellent filter on the ISP level, in Israel only. It allows you to select from several different levels of filtering. You must request to add the הבקרת אתרים service to enable the filter.

Net-Tzach is the same as Jnet (Livigent) in the US and is now available in Israel. It is an excellent and reliable service in our experience.

JNet gives you full-speed Internet access with tamper-proof filtering, updated daily. Jnet filtering is flexible: you can choose a separate level of filtering for each Internet user, and you can filter audio, video, freeware, and shareware without completely blocking those categories.

YeshivaNet provides two services only - email without Internet, or email with access to just the websites you need and no others.

TalkTalk is the only ISP in the UK that offers server level filtering. We have not tested the filter, but it is a free service for TalkTalk customers, and is certainly a good first line of defense.

A second type of filtering is client (home) based filtering, which is software installed on a computer that attempts to block inappropriate content as it comes on. Although this will protect the computer regardless of the type of connection being used, it has several disadvantages.

Although there are instances when WebChaver and other filter software (e.g. K9) are able to run together on the same computer, we can't guarantee that these programs will work properly for everyone. Even in instances where WebChaver and another filter have worked together for months or even years, all it takes is one update to either of the software programs to no longer function together. We recommend using the built-in WebChaver filter instead.

Some questions you may be asking...

Why should I use or not use a filter?

How can I help my family and I surf the web in a safer way?

The companies listed are not affiliated with WebChaver. This page is for informational purposes only. If you are aware of additional options or notice any errors, please let us know.

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